​At Carmel College, the Retreat program firmly sustains our Catholic identity by delivering holistic and inclusive formation for students and staff. This program gives staff the opportunity to strengthen their capacity to lead, engage and teach within the re-contextualised Catholic community, so that students may grow in their personal engagement and wellbeing, fostering the values of excellence, integrity, justice and hope. These experiences build a community of faith within Carmel College which encourages and rejoices in the knowledge of our loving God. 

Year 7 “Letting Your Light Shine”

The Year 7 Reflection Day introduces students to the unique charism and tradition of Carmel College. Students explore the spirituality of Carmel College’s five house patrons (Avila, Champagnat, MacKillop, Polding and Romero), and allows students to engage and reflect upon their own spirituality through prayer and reflection.

Year 8 “One Body in Christ”

The Year 8 Retreat focuses on the sacred nature of everyday experiences in life. Students foster positive relationships and respect for one another as they continue to embrace others, strengthening inclusivity within their cohort.

Year 9 “Awaken”

The Year 9 Retreat explores Marian spirituality within the lives of students. They will acknowledge the diverse characteristics of this spirituality within Carmel College through the actions of the four pillars, namely respect, resilience, diligence and positive relationships.

Year 10 “Act Justly”

The Year 10 Retreat strives to remain authentic to the Church’s mission in the context of a secular society by allowing students to re-examine their actions in light of the Gospels. Students engage in challenging and transforming social injustice, i​n order to lead an authentic contemporary expression of their Catholic identity.

Year 11 “Servant Leadership”

In preparation for their final year of schooling, the Year 11 Retreat engages students in strengthening positive relationships with one another. This Retreat also acknowledges and develops leadership skills, inspiring students not to “have” more, but to “be” more so that they may serve others as authentic disciples of Jesus.

Year 12 “Trusting Our Journey”

The Year 12 Retreat encourages the development of personal growth in self-confidence, integrity, respect, and independence so that together, students may welcome life’s challenges by proclaiming, “let your light shine” in order to trust life’s journey.