Year 10

The Carmel College Senior Pathways Program begins in Year 10 which is an important year for students as they begin to map out a plan of action for their education and training through their senior phase of learning. 


In Year 10 students begin their Senior Pathways unit in forum sessions. This begins with a focus on self-awareness as students work to explore their strengths, interests, values and motivators. They move on to explore the world of work and broaden their knowledge of the incredible array of careers available to them and most importantly how to find and access that information. Finally we learn about pathways to achieving career goals and how to use university, college, TAFE, apprenticeships, traineeships and work experience to take you where you want to go. Students also undergo aptitude testing throughout this phase to assist their decision making.

Senior Education and Training plans (SET Plans)

Year 10 students begin work on their Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan which maps out a plan of action for a student's education and training through their senior phase of learning and the transition to life after school. 

Student SET plans are completed in partnership with parents and staff. Students are encouraged to consider their individual pathway, their own interests and strengths and choose a 2 year plan that suits them. Each student and parent will have a meeting to discuss their selections.  

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Towards the end of Semester 1, all Carmel students have the chance to participate in the Carmel Pathways Expo where they learn about the subject selection process and gain a detailed understanding of the various subjects available for study in Years 11 & 12 at Carmel College and beyond during the Senior Phase of Learning. Tertiary providers and employers are also in attendance at this event.

In addition, an Information Evening is held during the Expo. The purpose of this is to outline the subject selection process to parents and provide them the opportunity to speak to the relevant Curriculum Leaders regarding the appropriateness of choices being considered. We believe that it is vital that at least one parent and their student from each family attend the Pathway Expo.​

Subject selection processes will be available online, and information about lodging preferences will be distributed via email.  Students should select their subjects in consultation with the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre's Tertiary Prerequisites. 

Below are some key websites for more information:

Assessment Policy and Procedure:

Please view our subject selection handbook for a more in-depth look at the curriculum:

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