Religious Education Curriculum


Carmel College’s Religious Education program holds principles in life-long learning in both teaching and learning and the religious life. The structure of religious education draws upon two dimensions of Religious Education, teaching people religion and teaching people to be religious in a particular way, and draws upon the Catholic Christian tradition in ways that are mindful of local contexts and the ecumenical and multi-faith​ realities of contemporary culture. This approach allows for an increased awareness of students learning about religious traditions, from religious traditions and through religious traditions.

At Carmel College, Religious Education is compulsory for students in all year levels from Year 7 to Year 12. Religious Education (Years 7-10), Religion and Ethics (Years 11-12) and Study of Religion (Years 11-12) enables students to develop an understanding through critical inquiry, debate and reflection, including empathy towards others, encourages students to look at the world as a part of complex social, political and cultural dialogues, and understand that religions are dynamic and living, not static.

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