Four Pillars

‚ÄčThe Carmel College culture and community are built upon the strength of our 'Four Pillars'. It is our students' embodiment of these values that provides them with the skills and qualities to become productive, thoughtful, and well-rounded members of both the school and wider community. The 'Four Pillars' also form the foundation of the College's expectations for behaviour.

Members of the Carmel College community should demonstrate:

For self
For other students
For teachers
For the environment
For learning

The ability to deal positively with setbacks
Remaining buoyant and cheerful during hard times or struggles
The ability to 'bounce back' after a setback

Working hard at the task at hand
Taking pride in one's work
Choosing to work
Completing tasks to the best of one's ability

Positive relationships
With fellow students
With teachers and support staff
Through actions and words