House system

Carmel College has five distinct 'house groups' that students become a part of for their time at the College. These houses compete against each other in competition, as well as provide a strong community for students to be involved with.
Each house group is represented by a colour, symbol and patron. Our patrons, and their contribution to social justice, aligns with the College's vision and mission.


Avila   Avila.jpg
Patron: St Teresa of AvilaAvila1.jpg.png
​Colour: White
Symbol: Light

"Have courage for whatever comes: everything lies in that." 

Teresa founded the order of the Discalced Carmelites, shining a light on the practice of prayer and devoting her life to becoming closer to God, personally and in her interactions with others, to whom she inspired. St Teresa is now a Doctor of the Church. 

© BCE, Rout, G. (1997), Di Mauro, J. (1997) Carmel College, Thornlands

Patron: St Marcellin Champagnat
Colour: Gold
Symbol: Cross ​

"Make Jesus known and loved."

Marcellin founded the order of the Marist Brothers who are devoted to Mary. Being dedicated to education, he motivated teenagers with his enthusiasm for teaching and spreading the gospel. Marcellin also taught them how to pray, and to be teachers and religious educators themselves. 

© BCE, Rout, G. (1997), Di Mauro, J. (1997) Carmel College, Thornlands

MacKillop mackillop1.pngMackillop.jpg
Patron: St Mary of the Cross MacK​​illop
Colour: Green
Symbol: Vine​

"Never see a need without doing something about it."

Mary is Australia's first saint. She was a woman of faith whose life bore witness to live out the Gospel. She established schools for children, shared faith experiences and provided refuge for the homeless and destitute. Mary sowed the seeds of compassion and fought for justice.

© BCE, Rout, G. (1997), Di Mauro, J. (1997) Carmel College, Thornlands

Patron: Archbishop John Bede Polding
Colour: Blue
Symbol: Water

"Use all the gentleness and compassion for those in need."

John was the first Archbishop of Sydney. He was a passionate man who established an Aboriginal mission on Stradbroke Island and offered retreats. John let flow the waters of compassion to the marginalised and to those who were outcasts.

© BCE, Rout, G. (1997), Di Mauro, J. (1997) Carmel College, Thornlands

Romero romero1.pngRomero.jpg
Patron: St Oscar Romero
​Colour: Red
Symbol: The Word

"Aspire not to have more, but to be more."

© BCE, Rout, G. (1997), Di Mauro, J. (1997) Carmel College, Thornlands

Oscar sought to build positive relationships between the Church and the government of El Salvador. He also preached the Good News of the scriptures to the people. Despite his unwavering passion, he was shot and killed for preaching about the values of peace, love, justice and respect.