Learning enrichment

At Carmel College, students are encouraged to achieve their best. However success is not often achieved in isolation. To become independent and grow as learners, students need encouragement and support. Along with this many students will at some time require extra assistance to accomplish their goals. Every student also has a unique learner profile, with a diversity of strengths and abilities, which they bring to the classroom.
The Learning Enrichment department is part of a team within the College community that seeks to help students.  Located underneath the new library, Learning Enrichment supports student progress by responding to individual student needs. They work closely with the classroom teacher, as well as the student, to provide assistance with differentiated learning. Arranging extra scaffolding for assignment tasks, assisting with organisation, and encouraging students to respond accurately to key questions are just some of the strategies focussed upon. Support teachers aim to foster inclusion of all students in the classroom. 
Students who would like extra help can also attend our Homework Club on a Monday afternoon.