​​​​​Information about Carmel College's fees can be found in the following documents.

2022 Fee​​ Schedule

Credit Card Authority​​​
Direct Debit Authority

Payment of fees is due each term. Preferred payment options are direct debit, BPAY, and credit card. If discontinuing enrolment during the term, the family will be expected to pay the full term's fees and levies.

Where possible, excursions and workshops have been included in the total. Additional non-curriculum excursions, sporting events and other events (e.g. non-competitive SECA activities, semi-formal and formal) will be charged accordingly. 

Damage to College issued digital devices will be charged to term fees with a separate invoice issued.

For further information about fees, please contact our Finance Officer;
PH: 07 3488 7773
Email: fees@carmelcollege.qld.edu.au​