Middle Years - Senior Progression

In the Middle Years at Carmel College, our learners are given engaging learning experiences that are relevant and challenging. We recognise that students joining the Carmel College community come from a variety of primary school experiences, and so these early years of high school consist of a consolidation of their previous studies, as well as opportunities to engage in new and exciting curriculum areas.

Progression of subjects (Year 7 and 8 in 2018)

The table below indicates the connections between subjects studies in Middle Years, the Year 10 Pre-Senior subjects offered and the corresponding Senior subjects offered in Year 11 and 12.

Year 9Year 10 Pre-Senior Subject

Senior (Year 11 & 12) Subject


Religious EducationReligious EducationStudy of Religion
Religion and Ethics
English Literature
Essential English Essential English (Applied)


Mathematical Methods

Mathematics Extension

Mathematical Methods
Specialist Mathematics
General MathematicsGeneral Mathematics

Core Mathematics

 Essential MathematicsEssential Mathematics (Applied)


Science Extension

HumanitiesHumanitiesModern History
Ancient History
Tourism (Applied)

Food Technology


Textiles Technology

Food and Nutrition

Textiles and Fashion


Food and Nutrition
Fashion (Applied)
Hospitality (Certificate II)
Early Childhood Education and Care (Certificate III)

Physical Education


Health and Physical Education

Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

Physical Education
Health Education
Fitness (Certificate III)
Sport and Recreation (Cert III)
Health Services (Certificate III)
Economics and Business

Economics and Business

Law and Government

Legal Studies
Information and Communication Technologies (Applied)
Business (Certificate III)
Digital Media and TechnologyDigital Solutions
Design TechnologyDesign TechnologyDesign
GraphicsGraphicsGraphics (Industrial) (Applied)
Industrial Technology (Trades)Industrial Technology (Trades)Construction (Certificate I)
Engineering Pathways (Metal) (Certificate II)
The Arts – DanceDanceDance
The Arts – DramaDramaDrama
The Arts – MusicMusicMusic
The Arts – Visual ArtVisual ArtVisual Art
Arts in Practice (Applied)​